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Jim’s passion for photography was ignited at age seven when he photographed his grandmother. As a youngster, he merely dabbled in the art, however, as a photographer in the Air National Guard, Jim honed his skills through study, darkroom work, and photographing people and events.

In 2002 Jim started formal class work, studying under some of our country’s best photographers. In 2006 he established his business specializing in weddings and groups.

Jim’s philosophy simply stated is to help you look your best. To accomplish this, he incorporates several techniques in the capturing and processing of your image.

Capturing the Image:
In portraits, identifying and photographing the “young” side of your face.
Exercising caution so the camera lens doesn’t exaggerate facial imperfections.
In individual and group portraits by incorporating body position to provide symmetry to your photograph.
Group images are metered so as to have consistent light quality from edge to edge.

Processing the Image:
Your true skin tonality is critical to a flattering image. Jim accomplishes this by incorporating “white balance” in the processing of your image.
Art work can provide an enhanced image. Facial blemishes including acne and facial lines such as “crows feet” can be reduced.
Additional art work can be incorporated to provide the appearance of a more proportionate body.

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